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1. What is Stamp Duty Land Tax and why do we pay it?

Stamp Duty is a tax you might have to pay if you buy a residential property or a piece of land in England or Northern Ireland over a certain price. You will pay Stamp Duty on residential properties costing more than  £125,000 unless you qualify for first-time buyers relief.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you will pay no Stamp Duty on properties costing up to £300,000, and a discounted rate on property purchases up to £500,000.If you’re buying a second home, you’ll still pay an extra 3% Stamp Duty on properties costing more than £40,000 at the relevant rates at that time.

This tax applies to both freehold and leasehold properties – whether you’re buying outright or with a mortgage. If you’re buying a property in Scotland, you will pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) and in Wales Land Transaction Tax (LTT) instead of Stamp Duty.

2. Who is eligible to claim a Stamp Duty refund?

If you purchased a residential property you would have paid residential rates of stamp duty. However, if the property had a defect at the time of purchase that meets certain criteria, we can claim a rebate based on a recent case law case. Often, there is a refund worth thousands of pounds that would otherwise have been missed.

3. What makes a property uninhabitable?

There is a host of factors that determine if a property should be defined as uninhabitable. You are
eligible to make an SDLT refund claim if your property has any one of the below.

  • The presence of damp or mould which is likely to cause an immediate health risk to the Occupants.
  • The electrical system is in an unsafe condition.
  • The presence of asbestos that would cause a direct and immediate Health and Safety risk.
  • Lack of one or more utilities: water, gas (including LPG), electricity ie Faulty or non-functioning boiler system, damaged pipes, exposed or non-functioning wires.
  • The presence of a significant roof leak causing water to penetrate into the property.
  • Major Health and Safety issue(s) or environmental factor(s) that would cause a direct and immediate risk to the occupants.
  • Glass in doors, screens, windows, etc, is not toughened or laminated in accordance with current Health and Safety requirements (Building Regulations).
  • Flats lacking ‘½ hour fire check’ rated doors where required by Building Regulations.
  • All or any staircases not possessing appropriate balustrades or handrails that comply with the Building Regulations and/or are in an unsafe condition.
  • A kitchen without a minimum of one work top length of 900mm or a minimum of 300mm of tiling above work surfaces and above the cooker (or suitable alternative).
  • A minimum appliance space for a washing machine and refrigerator, with appropriate plumbing and electrics.
  • A refrigerator space sited next to a cooker.
  • The presence of any significant subsidence, significant structural movement or structural instability (as demonstrated by a structural engineers report).
  • An SFA without a fully working heating system (between September and April) or year round when a vulnerable person is present.An SFA without any means to heat water (hot water system).
  • An SFA that cannot be made secure. This applies to any external door (including any patio or french doors) and any ground floor window.
  • Major internal disruption such as a collapsed ceiling
  • A significant hygiene problem with the SFA that poses a Health and Safety issue.
  • On move-in, a property which has a coin/token operated gas or electric meter.

4. Why Choose Us?

We work with chartered surveyors, tax consultants and solicitors with a 100% success rate. Our specialists will assess if the condition of the property is suitable for a claim, and our legal and tax professionals will build your case and carry it through until its success. We work on a no win no fee and offer a free no obligation assessment.

5. How long back can I claim?

You can make a claim on a property you have purchased in the last 4 years.

6. How long will my claim take?

Your claim can take anywhere between 15 to 25 working days to processes from the date of submission.

7. How much can I claim?

Each claim is different, and the amount reclaimed is dependant on the value of the property and the amount of stamp duty paid. Claims are typically between 60% to 100% of the total stamp duty paid.

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